Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a appliance need testing?

This is determined by your in house risk assessment. The frequency is dependant upon usage and environment. Our engineers will follow your frequency recommendations if instructed, however if they are not they will go by what’s recommended in the IEE Code of Practice.

What happens if an item fails?

Most failures are found during the initial visual check (i.e. a cracked plug or an incorrectly rated fuse). These minor repairs will be carried out during the course of the works however other failures may not be fixed quickly. The engineer would request that they are taken out of service to eliminate danger to you and your staff.

Is it done during normal office hours?

This type of testing can be executed during or outside of normal working hours. Work during evenings and weekends may encure additional costs.

Do we have to unplug the appliances ?

Yes. In order to electrically test the equipment it needs to be disconnected from the mains and plugged into a tester. This is how the electrical readings are obtained and a PASS or FAIL status is defined.

Could the tests effect our I.T. systems?


What about our servers and critical systems?

In some environments where it is not possible to turn equipment on and off, such as computer suites and communication rooms, it may only be possible  for a visual inspection to be carried out.