Which Appliances?

 Which Appliances So We P.A.T. Test?

We service all types of equipment that is powered by electricity. In line with the I.E.T. Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, the types of appliance that we service fall into the following categories:

  • Portable appliances (Less than 18kg in mass, no carrying handle)
  • Movable equipment (less than 18kg in mass and not fixed, such as air conditioning units, fire equipment etc)
  • Hand-held appliances (Portable equipment such as hair dryers, soldering irons and drills)
  • Stationary Equipment or Appliances (More than 18kg in mass with no carrying handle, such as Fridges, washing machines etc)
  • Fixed Equipment/Appliances (Equipment that is fastened to a surface such as heaters and towel rails)
  • Appliances/Equipment for building in (Equipment intended to be installed in a pre-prepared area such as cupboards etc)
  • Information Technology Equipment (Electrical business equipment including computers, telephones, printers etc)
  • Extension Leads (Extension cords containing additional plug sockets