Testimonials – from Supported Housing Tenants

My name’s Dave and I’m a resident in a property from P.A.C.E.. The house is shared accommodation, but it’s amazing, I have my own lockable room and just share the kitchen/bathroom and lounge. We have a residents’ meeting every week with our key worker, she makes sure were all happy and getting on together and also tries to get any problems sorted out that we may have, even if not to do with housing.

The best part I find about P.A.C.E. is the workshops they do, I go to the art workshop and love it, I’m taken every Thursday and I have a choice of what I want to do when I’m there. I’m also going to be doing a social enterprise project in the woodwork workshop that is based at the P.A.C.E. Craft Centre so it means I can help people which I enjoy.

I hope your experience with P.A.C.E. is as good as mine.

(P.A.C.E. Supported Housing tenant)

Before I joined P.A.C.E. my mental health was unstable as a result of many factors, most notable was my depression and the failure of support from services I had been receiving. My substance misuse was beginning to become out of control which in turn exacerbated my mental health. It also influenced my offending behaviour as I was committing crimes such as shoplifting as a means of funding my drug addiction. Since I have joined P.A.C.E. I now have stable housing which has allowed me to build a foundation and much needed structure to my life and channel my energy on things that encourage me to desist from the detrimental lifestyle I previously lived.

My support worker is great and helped by giving me the self-esteem and confidence needed to move forward with my life. He attends appointments with me and ensures that my voice is heard. My drug addiction has presented many barriers to my everyday life. I am constantly stigmatised and stereotyped. Before P.A.C.E. I had lost all faith in support services but P.A.C.E. do not discriminate nor do they try and force my development but facilitate a mutual ground which we can both be happy and reap the rewards of my progress.